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Think you know your Fairy Tales?
Imagine again…


Imagine a curious and “pink” Lil’ Riding Hood and a cake-loving wolf, or a free-spirited egg named Humpty who survived a great fall. Imagine a dreamy little girl with a BIG imagination called Goldie and her three teddy bear sidekicks; or Jack, the explorer of beanstalks that take him to far-away lands. And how about an unlikely family of three little pigs and a mischievous yet lovable wolf named Harry?

This is My1story, a fun, contemporary collection of the world’s most renowned fairy tale characters and stories, as we follow their adventures beyond the original narratives. My1story is a great alternative for preschoolers and parents who are interested in the classic fairy tales and would like to experience them in a modern, “kid-friendly” edition. Our characters evoke endearing fun and imagination, adventures and everlasting friendships with true happily-ever-after endings.


Our Story

My1story is the brainchild of two nostalgic kids-at-heart, Ricardo Venegas and Jaime Rodriguez. Out of a love for classic fairy tales – and inspired by Walt Disney’s adaptation of timeless classics like Snow White and Cinderella – they chose to re-make and re-style several of the traditional childhood stories with which they’d grown up themselves. While these stories were personal favorites, they sensed that these had become somewhat forgotten and had fallen out of favor with contemporary children. During their research, it was discovered that there was still a great awareness of the characters and stories, but the stories themselves were perceived as somewhat violent and outdated.

Ricardo and Jaime saw an opportunity for a “re-boot”! They refashioned the stories, began writing new plots, created fresh artwork, and developed distinctive themes and characteristics for each of the stories and characters. In the new versions, Lil’ Riding Hood’s outfit is transformed from red to pink, and the forest is a place where she uses her creativity and ingenuity to solve riddles and mysteries. Humpty follows the story of a carefree young egg – who’s impervious to the risks around him – and Diego, his loyal friend who fortunately (or unfortunately for Diego), happens to be there for Humpty at just the right time. Goldilocks is now Goldie, a young girl who, with her incredible imagination, awakens 3 little teddy bears to join her on imagination-rich sprees. Jack is now an explorer of not one but hundreds of beanstalks leading to countless unexplored lands amongst the clouds. And finally, the story of the 3 little pigs follows these hardworking, creative pigs and a zany but lovable wolf named Harry, who learns the importance of teamwork and living together as an unlikely but loving family.

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